We have a vast experience and knowledge inWaterproofing repair systems to maximize the performance and durability of your asset.

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in Waterproofing, Foundation & Structural Repair Specialist

SOLARCREST Waterproofing is a new breed of environmental conscious company that specializes in the field of DIAGNOSTIC REMEDIAL WATERPROOFING. Since 2011, we have resolved over 500 cases of commercial and government buildings. Learn More

Why Building Doctor

We understand that finding a good contractor can be frustrating. Most people are unsure who to call, or who to trust with your home and your hard-earned money. We share your frustration. Consider Building Doctor. You’ll find we’re guided by some very simple values:


Based on our extensive experience, approach and methods we almost always (99%) get our diagnostic correct and solve the root cause accordingly.


We have a team of highly dedicated and committed professionals with an average of 15 years’ working experience. Most of our employees have been with us at least for 5 years.


Since 2011, we have served more than 500+ clients & counting, with problem free buildings. we emphasize on complete understanding of our client’s requirements and needs.


In 2018, we have achieved 2 prestigious awards as testiment to our commitment of excellence in our business.  We strive on what we do best and in the year 2018 our work in the industry had been given recognition. We were nominated by key clients, vetted by 3rd party auditors; entitling us to two of noteworthy awards which are the 2018 Outstanding National Entrepreneur Award and the fast-moving companies of 2018 SME100 Award.


FOMCA reported that house defects within the defect liability period in 2014 increased from 340 complaints in 2013 to 1729. Likewise a year later (2015) the total reported complaints further rose to 2034. More information

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We thank you for your continued support and for the confidence that you have placed in us

The Building Doctor

At SOLARCREST, it is in our priority to pursue total peace of mind for our clients through education, comprehensive solutions and our extensive experience. This mission statement is not just mere promise, it’s what we believe in our hearts and what we live by everyday. Our ability to diagnose and find the root cause of the problem earned us the name ‘The Building Doctor’. We strive to be the best in our field and aspire to become the region’s leading experts in this field.

Today, 500 over troubled buildings later, we still put personalized service first. And it shows. Two-thirds of our business comes to us by person-to-person recommendation or from satisfied and happy clients.

We have an outstanding reputation with the Department of Public Works (JKR) and Corporations such as Sapura, UEM, PKNS, THP, and many others. We come highly recommended by them. In fact, we have done a remedial work on 640 units of toilets in Hospital Serdang in the shortest recorded time (in a mere 4 month time) without compromising work quality, results and cost.