Our company started of with just 4 people consisting of an admin, a marketer, and two civil engineers. This foursome is the dynamic team who strives to put the company in the market. We were mobile. We have little assets; just enough to do our work and our office is mobile. The four of us are trained in waterproofing both locally and overseas; we were hands on with everything.

We decided to venture into this line because we were so annoyed with the issue. We ourselves had numerous bad experiences when it comes to waterproofing. Every time we encounter these waterproofing problems, the contractors we hired could not solve the problem entirely. Countless of hours and even more money spent to fix the problem. More often than not, the same problem. That is the point when we finally decided to create SOLARCREST.

From the beginning, our early works are remedial works of existing buildings. We found that the building contractors would cut corners in implementing waterproofing steps of a building that leads to premature issues. It can be seen as a rampant problem from the contractor side of things. Waterproofing is always seen as a minuscule part of a building, but as seen through our vast experience, it is more than an integral part of any foundation.

Thus, we made it our mission to re-educate the masses and professionals including architects, engineers, and homeowners of the importance of waterproofing procedures. The waterproofing should be integrated in the planning and designing stage, and we as the professional can be very much to contribute for this. Majority of the cases we handled are iconic buildings eg. new buildings, some are inhabited but still have problems. Means that the design should include waterproofing procedure.

Based from our experience, we understand the frustration that comes with problems relating to water seepage, ugly watermarks and efflorescent on walls and ceilings, toxic black molds that is detrimental to health of occupants especially to children and the elder lies.


I joined Solarcrest in 2011 as a team site supervisor. I have progressed and experienced so much thanks to Solarcrest and the support I have been given to grow my career. I am now proudly managing all the site supervisors. Solarcrest offers an excellent working experience. Some might imagine the jobs that we get are mundane or monotonous, but surprisingly, there are diversity in the type of emergencies that challenges us to solve them. The best part of Solarcrest is the people. I work with a bunch of talented people and amazing passion to work


I joined the company in 2013 as a junior site supervisor. I am now serving as a senior site supervisor. I feel like SOLARCREST offers flexibility to its employees for having the right work-life balance. The management often shows empathy to our problems. For me a typical day is never typical, with the jobs we get you can never get bored, there is always something challenging and everyday you are bound to come across new learning opportunities. The best part of working here is being able to solve problems with the system we practice here in the company. It is great.


I joined SOLARCREST in 2014 as a site supervisor. Previously, I’ve worked with a sub-contractor company that was facing some internal problems. When I joined SOLARCREST I was ready to focus on my career and long-term aspirations. The company gave me new insight on how a company takes care of its staff. The thing I enjoy most about working for SOLARCREST is the people I work with. There is a great atmosphere, nothing too formal, it is more like a family.