Dynamic Injection Solution (DIS) is a system created based on our years of experience and expertise. It is the most practical method, effective and economical way to overcome water intrusion in difficult areas or in areas with highly valued and precious facade.

It is a form of waterproofing remedial system that covers the shortfalls of PU grouting and crystalline remedial methods. DIS is a non-invasive technique that bridges the gap of these two conventional remedial methods.

During a building’s lifespan, basements and external walls are often exposed higher risk of water intrusion. Water intrusion cases in basements demand more novel methods to treat as existing wall basements are subjected to constant water table and total replacement of external tanking is not practical and PU grouting cannot effectively rectify such complex water intrusion.

DIS can be carried out to other areas where complex water intrusion cases also occur, such as basements and external walls. Whereas for external facades, difficulties of access is the main bane to provide cost effective repairs to water penetration.


Understanding that our field is very competitive and challenging, however we stand tall in providing the most comprehensive solution available towards building remedial especially in water seepage problems. Our offer includes:

It is time saving because in comparison to the conventional, there is no need for the invasive procedure such as hacking, cleaning and re-installation of facade finishes

You save on material cost of buying new tiles, cements, paints and etc for the re-installation of facade finishes. This is especially important when the existing finishing is priceless or one of a kind

This is the bulk of cost in any remedial works. Due to the non-invasive nature of DIS System, you cut the cost of the man power needed in the conventional remedial works

However, with constant research and development and onsite experimentation on the feasibility of DIS on these two areas, DIS has proven to be successful not only in resolving inter-floor seepage, but has the flexibility and capacity to resolve water intrusion for basements and external wall of all cases.