Types of services we offer: Consultations, Flat roof, Inter floor, Walls, Windows, Balconies, Wet areas, Swimming pools, Facade, Basements, Undergrounds, Ramp, Car Parks, Lift Pits/ Elevator Shaft, Fungus Santization


Understanding that our field is very competitive and challenging, however we stand tall in providing the most comprehensive solution available towards building remedial especially in water seepage problems. Our offer includes:

Preliminary Investigation
Survey the problem area & take note of the details

Diagnostic Work
Test & establish the source problem, prepare conclusive report and provide quotation for rectification work

Rectification Work
Carry out remedial work & provide post remedial report

Sanitizing & Revitalizing Work
Use unique technique to sanitize and revitalize the affected area to overcome the sick building syndrome and associate illness. We make the room feel and smell great again